Faculty of Environmental and Urban Change, York University, Toronto, Ontario, Canada

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Collaborative Research

What have we been up to lately?? Over the past year and a half, we have been connected with York University's new organized research unit - the Centre for Bee Ecology, Evolution, and Conservation! As a member of the executive team, I am helping to shape the future of...

Bumblebees galore: Nest relocations and RFID tagging

The 2018 field season has been an eventful one for me.  From relocating bumblebee colonies in broad daylight (hint: not highly recommended), to attaching tiny RFID tags on bumblebees' backs in a beautiful pollinator park in Guelph, there have been many memorable...

The Colla Lab is in the news!

The Colla Lab has been featured in a in-depth article in the Toronto Star, by reporter Kate Allen. Please check out the article entitled "Climate Change and the Global Species Shakeup" with the link below:...
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Bumblebee Ecology & Conservation

We use a variety of methods to understand how bumblebees move on landscapes, what they require for forage, nesting and overwintering habitat and how their life history traits make them vulnerable to environmental stressors.

Public Education

We frequently give public talks, webinars, bee walks and set up bee information tables. Topics include bee identification, how you can help conserve native bees, and learning about BumbleBeeWatch.


We work with numerous Environmental NGOs, government agencies and other organizations to extend our research findings into the real world.

Interdisciplinary Approach

We are working to understand how human perception has influenced pollinator conservation policy and looking to see where stakeholder collaboration can be best achieved to conserve biodiversity and ecosystem services.